Keeping Momentum in Uncertain Times


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Keeping Momentum in Uncertain Times

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Initially putting processes in place to ensure social distancing and the protection of our employees. We also needed to make sure that our supply chain continued to run without any challenges or find alternate solutions working closely with our fantastic suppliers. Then we moved into the next phase of moving to remote working; making sure everyone was set up and our delivery of work was in line with the latest guidelines from the Government.

With some time available, we were also looking for ways we could help out locally with maintaining communal green space (if the existing maintenance company couldn’t – as we all just have to get stuck in and help at the moment, don’t we) or helping maintain people’s gardens who can’t currently manage it themselves. However, at the moment, we are recommended not to work on people’s gardens. So, for now, we will keep to isolation guidelines and wait for the ok.

What we have learnt in this time, is that the need to be agile and responsive to change has been key to our operation. Luckily, we have been able to rise to that challenge. We have phenomenal people who have adapted fantastically to our new set up.

To share some positivity in these interesting times, we’d like to tell you about some projects we are currently working on at InHurst Landscapes:


We had already started in investing in technology to enhance our business processes and now we have a little more time to do this. As well as implementing collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, we have also been looking at our overall IT environment. We are making sure our IT is joined-up and simple processes are automated so that our office team can do more with their time when the workload gets back to normal.

Supply chain & stock management

We have some fantastic suppliers who we have been working with to ensure that at the point we are able to start working again (at whatever capacity), we are ready to go.


Making sure we hold onto as many of our employees as possible is key for us. Not only are we a tight ‘InHurst Family’ that work really well together, but we don’t want to worry about finding good people when the work returns.


We had just implemented a new marketing strategy for the business which is aligned to our business growth plans. We know that it’s important to stay visible with our clients and the industry, so we are very much focused on our digital presence during this period and you will start to see more of us over the next few months (but don’t worry – we won’t be flooding you with InHurst posts!).

Environmental efficiencies

We continue to look into ways that we can deliver our services whilst using fewer or better resources and creating less waste. For example, in the office, our technology plans are enabling us to use less paper.

So, we hope you are all staying safe. If there is anything you are aware of that we can do to help the community in the local area, please give us a call. We’re here, we’re contactable and we hope you are all ok.

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