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Making Your Sales Arena Stand Out

The new housing market is booming, everyone in construction is extremely busy which is fantastic news considering the current climate. Even with this sales boost, we still have our clients focused and coming to us for ideas on how we can make their sales arenas really stand out.

When competition is high, garden and home space is key and the vision needs to be sold, it has never been more important to make sure that the sales arena reflects the overall development. It needs to be complementary to the surround area and resonates with the target audience of buyers.

Here are some ideas for your next sales arena:

1. Making the outdoor space part of your home

When the weather is good, you can’t beat a British summer, but as we all know, there is no guarantee. Outdoor space that caters for all weather is appealing to home buyers and creating space outside that is a continuation of their home is equally important.

As well as defining space for the BBQ, seating and a pergola for cover; consider more substantial cover for the dining area so that people can sit outside in the warmer months even if there is a little rain.

In addition to the BBQ, have you considered a pizza oven? What about more of an outside kitchen area so there is prep space and somewhere to chill the drinks?

2. Creating additional rooms for workspace and socialising

Whilst most developments rarely have space for a pool (which is quite an expense considering the length of our summers and heat waves!), what about space for that hot tub? Somewhere to wind down after a day of work.

As we all know, making the best use of space this year has been more important with lockdown. With the lack of travel (work and holiday) and childcare costs, people have had more budget to spend on their homes. With the new way of working still unknown, the need for workspace has never been more important.

Investing in a cabin to work in is great, but let’s make sure it can be used in the evening too. What about a space that is perfect for winter as well? A cabin with garden storage, working log burner, workspace and social space would be perfect!

3. Create something memorable

And then there is a chance to have some fun and create something that is memorable for potential buyers. As well as a beautifully landscaped garden:

      • What is the history/significance of the land you are building on? Can you tie in the new development to the history or the site?
      • Knowing the local wildlife, are there certain plants we can add to encourage the wildlife to the sales arena space?
      • What about creating a tropical space when so many have forgone their holidays this year – bring the tropics to the UK with plants that can survive our winters.

    Creating that memorable garden that everyone wants

    As any salesperson knows in this sector, the sales arena has to stand out and be a space that people want and can see themselves in.

    However, now is also a time to create an outdoor space that people need and will see as an extension to their home.

    If you would like to discuss some ideas for your next sales arena and hear more about the types of outdoor spaces we have created, please contact the team on 01256 850 470 or email us at

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