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Turf for sale

We have weekly deliveries of turf for our commercial projects, which is also available for private sale.

Occasionally due to delays in projects or a change in design, we have excess soft and hard landscaping products which we sell onto people for their private landscaping projects. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will see how we can help.


Key Service Aspects


We need to be flexible for our clients but equally don’t like waste which is why we started our Stock for Sale page so that we can ensure everything we buy is used.


We have a number of reliable partners to not only meet budget and timescale requirements; but also ensure we deliver your vision.


Of course we are creative, but we are also commercial. As well as creating the impact, we are always mindful of the return on your investment and getting the best result from your budget.


Our projects always complement the surrounding landscape and are delivered with sustainability in mind. We take into account the character of each build we work on.

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    Landscaping Services

    We predominantly work in the South West of the UK but have also supported our clients in the South East of the UK.

    Below are some of the main areas we work in.